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All-Electric Torque Vectoring

( No brakes or clutches needed )

Introducing SPARC DRIVE with Steering Fusion


traction: controlled

A breakthrough gear design. A revolutionary Steering Fusion controller.
Sparc Drive is a next-generation traction control system built on a compact fully-regenerative steering differential.
When driven by a single electric traction motor, Sparc Drive provides a level of dynamic control that's similar to having individual wheel motors... but without the added cost, weight, and complexity.
Say hello to uninterrupted traction with full steering agility.
Say goodbye to unwanted wheel slip.


  • No clutches, brakes, or other friction parts to wear out
  • No lockers to engage and disengage
  • Symmetrical torque vectoring eliminates net drag during cornering for improved efficiency
  • Eliminates the tire-wear, jerks, and counterproductive torque distribution associated with automatic lockers
  • Full-time drive: no confusing traction modes to select between
  • Delivers precision yaw control at any vehicle speed
  • Provides a level of traction-control that's comparable to independent electric wheel motors but without the associated cost, complexity, and weight penalty of multiple motors, gearboxes, inverters, wiring, etc...

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