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Performance Drivetrain System

traction: controlled

Introducing SPARC DRIVE with Steering Fusion


torque: unleashed

A breakthrough gear design. A revolutionary Steering Fusion controller.
Sparc Drive is a next-generation traction control system built on a compact and fully-regenerative steering differential. Say hello to uninterrupted power with full steering agility.

Say goodbye to wheel slip.

all wheel drive: redefined

Forget about torque-bias-ratios
Forget about torque-splitting
Forget about part-time 4WD

Sparc Drive applies:
  • ALL available engine power
  • to ALL drive wheels
  • with FULL steering agility
  • ALL the time
    (no driver input required)


control: enhanced

  • Significantly improved low-traction performance compared to current state-of-the-art traction control systems
      -uninterrupted power even in sudden slip conditions
  • Steering Fusion ensures maximum handling agility at all times
      -no driveline binding when turning
  • High-fidelity, precision yaw control
      -at any vehicle speed
  • Eliminate torque-steer
      -counteracts torque asymmetry during straight line acceleration

design: unparalleled

Sparc Drive is a next-generation high-performance traction control system
  • No clutches, brakes, or other friction parts to wear out
  • No lockers to engage and disengage
  • Symmetrical torque vectoring eliminates net drag while cornering for improved efficiency
  • Eliminates the tire-wear, jerks, and counterproductive torque distribution associated with automatic lockers
  • Full-time drive: no confusing traction modes to select between

  • For more information about this technology
    Please contact Shaun Chu below: