Torque vectoring 4x4 axles

with 360° tank turn

Now compatible with Axial SCX10ii and Element Enduro solid axle 1/10th scale RC crawlers

Crawl without compromise

Sparc Drive's axle kit delivers the extreme off-road traction of a locked differential while simultaneously turning on a dime.

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Steering Fusion

The brains of every axle kit is our Steering Fusion™ electronic control module. This compact controller monitors vehicle speed and direction thousands of times per second as it calculates target rpm's for each wheel. No more waiting for an open diff to slip before reacting. Steering Fusion’s proactive logic enables constant, uninterrupted power all the time.

Want an even sharper turning radius? With 6 user-adjustable levels of torque vectoring, Steering Fusion lets you dial in the perfect amount of cornering performance.

360° tank turn

Be the envy of your next off-road adventure with available 360° tank turn for low grip surfaces. Sparc Drive is the only bolt-on axle kit that transforms a conventional 4WD chassis into a zero-radius tank-turning rig*

*360° tank turn feature is intended for loose/slippery/low-traction surfaces. Use on high-grip surfaces such as pavement can cause accelerated wear to axle components.

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Drive Innovation

Built with precision

CNC machined steel gears

Assembled in the USA